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Tip : How to fill large Interior holes (Walls or Ceilings)

Provided courtesy of Ronseal

If you’ve had problems with filler sinking or sagging in the middle when you’re trying to repair larger holes, don’t worry, it’s nothing you’re doing wrong.

Most household fillers will only work up to a depth of 10mm. Ronseal’s Big Hole Filler can be used in holes up to 50mm deep without cracking or sinking, plus you can screw directly into the filler, once dry.

To cover up large, unsightly holes follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Ensure surface and cracks are clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other contamination. Touch in nails and screw heads with a solvent based paint.
  2. Pack the filler well into the area of repair, ensuring it is level with the surface being filled.
  3. For deeper repairs, above 50mm, build the filler up in layers ensuring it has dried between applications.
  4. Smooth over filler with the Ronseal applicator or a wet knife prior to drying.
  5. If necessary, sand to a smooth finish once dried hard.

For even larger repairs try Ronseal’s Quick Drying Expanding Foam Filler, ready to decorate in just one hour it’s easy to use, can fill any size hole and finished off with one of our Smooth Finish range will leave a great for filling large holes.

If you’re confused over which filler is right for your job why not take a look at our video to help you.

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