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Tip : How to Fit a Patio or BBQ Gas Cylinder

Calor give us their step by step guide on how to fit & disconnect a Patio or BBQ Gas Cylinder.

Firstly make sure that you are using an easy clip-on regulator (see diagram 1).

Make sure that:
1. The regulator is switched to the ‘off’ or disconnect position.
2. All taps on the appliance are closed.
3. The connecting pipe to the appliance is correctly fitted.
4. Put the regulator on top of the cylinder valve. Place your hand on top of the regulator and push down firmly and vertically until you hear a click.
5. Once the regulator is correctly fitted, switch to ‘on’ position as directed by manufacturer’s instructions on the regulator (see diagram 2).

How to Disconnect a Patio or BBQ Gas Cylinder
1. Make sure the regulator is turned to the ‘off’ position and that the appliance flame is extinguished.
2. Push the on/off switch according to manufacturer instructions and then pull upwards (see diagram 3).

REMEMBER! Do no attempt to disconnect if the regulator is in the on/open position.

For more information please contact your local retailer.
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