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Tip : How to paint a panelled door

Note: you do not need to take the door off its hinges, but do remove door furniture such as handles to allow the best finish.

See diagram (centre) for colour separation.

Step 1 - Prepare the door
1, Remove any peeling paint – a putty knife works best.
2, Sand the surface lightly with 120-grit sandpaper. Panel corners can be tricky, so try using a sanding sponge.
3, Clean the surface with a household cleaner so that the whole door is free from dirt and dust. Dry surface with a clean cloth or leave to dry naturally.

Step 2 – Painting the Panels
Use a good quality 5mm (2inch) brush and a solvent-based paint.
1, Start by painting the panels working your way from top to bottom. Paint the grooves of the panel first, being careful not to use too much paint (too much paint can congregate in the grooves).
2, Now paint the flat surface of the panels.

Step 3 – Paint the Centre Stile
1, Working from top to bottom of the door paint the centre stile (see diagram top right). Be careful, avoiding paint drips.
2, Paint in the natural direction of the grain of the wood. In this case paint up and down.

Step 4 – Paint the Rails
1, Again working top to bottom of the door, paint the rails working your brush left to right (see diagram top right).

Step 5 – Paint theVertical Stiles
1, Now paint the remaining stiles using an up and down brush motion.
2, Use a smaller 25mm (1 inch) brush to paint the edges of the door, avoiding paint drips again. Try not to get paint on the door hinges.

Step 6 – Paint the Frame
1, Lastly, paint the doorframe with the smaller brush.

When complete leave the door ajar and leave to dry completely.

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