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Tip : How to revive & protect garden furniture

Provided courtesy of Ronseal

Brand new pre-treated furniture should be allowed to weather for 2 -3 months. After this time you can apply your own coating. Why not take a look at Ronseal’s ‘how to’ video to help you choose the best finish for the look you want to achieve.

We’d recommend treating your furniture at least once a year if stored carefully over winter, or twice a year if left out all year long.

It’s no surpise that your furniture might need a bit of extra care if it’s left out all year round. Come summer it might be that it’s looking a bit neglected but there’s a simple solution to revive your garden furniture.

Follow these simple steps to get your outdoor furniture looking like new:

  1. Ronseal’s Garden Furniture Reviver will restore weather furniture back to it’s natural colour so you can apply a topcoat of oil or stain in a colour of your choice.
  2. Brush out liberally covering the area affected. Re-apply if drying out occurs.
  3. Leave at least three hours, then scrub off all traces of furniture reviver with water and a scrubbing brush. The process may be repeated if required.
  4. Lightly sand the surface if required and finish with your chosen Ronseal finish. Ronseal’s Perfect Finish Garden Furniture Oil comes with a handy applicator to make the job quick and easy.

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